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Features of a good ecommerce shopping cart solution

Ecommerce web solution has transformed Internet into a huge platform where sellers and buyers from across the world interact and conduct businesses. The maddening crowd of ecommerce web solutions generally leaves new ecommerce business developers and merchants in a state of confusion as in where to begin and how.

One should develop/ choose an ecommerce shopping cart solution carefully to draw pleasant shopping experience for potential customer. A good ecommerce site design would typically offer
Scalability; Easy payment options, Enhanced navigational tools and An attractive and intuitive (over all) presentation of the Ecommerce solution.
All the above features implicitly or explicitly aim to enhance usability in a good ecommerce site design. A user friendly ecommerce solution can only claim sustained traffic to the website, thus, in turn ensure a decent volume of sales inclined towards consistent growth. Lets discuss some important things-to-do that add to the usability factor:
Extensive use of headlines, sub headings, proper interlinks and other navigational; tools for the convenience of buyers to find the products and services; Making your contact details, phone numbers visible to the visitors; Making it easy for shoppers to view the site search function above the fold and enquire about product catalog; Enhancing category refinement to enable easier access to site sections; Enabling refinement of product results by shape, color, size, etc. and show items per page; Developing grouping of products, showing related items and cross selling; Enabling the customers add products to the shopping cart without registering for an account; Showcasing price tags, stock and availability of products early in the process; Highlighting trust certificates, quality certifications to develop customer trust beforehand; Offering a variety of payment and shipping options.
In the end, one should know that if your online store is not easy to use, simple to buy from, and complicated, it can affect ones ability to generate desired sales benefits. The usability of web Ecommerce solutions is its best promotional tool.

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  1. Which are the biggest website design/creation companies in the world?
    Which are the biggest website creation companies in the world (demonstrating a list of famous and sucesfull clients etc)…

  2. what’s a good book for website creation, design, layout, etc?
    I’m trying to find a good book on website designing and creation. Know of any good ones?

  3. If you want a great ressource to learn web design, I stongly recommend the following book – best $27 I have ever spent! It teaches the RIGHT way to design web pages with standard compliant XHTML and CSS. Reading this book changed my life, I was designing professional web pages in less than a week!

    The book is called ‘Head First XHTML and CSS’ – here is a link to it with some reviews:

  4. What are the best forums for information on website design?
    I am currently creating a website,, and I have heard that joining forums and discussion boards are a good way to learn, as well to as generate traffic to my website. My question is simple, are there any highly popular forums that are targeted only to website creation techniques and lessons?

  5. Best ‘beginner’ software for website design/creation ?
    I want to create professional looking website for a new business venture. I am IT literate although not in web technologies unfortunately. I have browsed thru a few sites that offer online web building tools and domain linking for a small monthly fee.

    Are these
    a) good enough tools to create professional looking sites ?
    b) value for money ?

    How difficult would it be to download some software then create my own website and get it online.

    What are my options ?

  6. If you want a “want to create professional looking website” then you going to have to break down and get Dreamweaver. It’s pricey but good. If you settle for cheaper go to and get their “Website Tonight” click on

    I hope this helps. If it does tell them that WebmasterSanta sent you their way. It’s not the software I use, I use Dreamweaver but some like it.
    Mazal Tov

  7. What is the best way to learn website design and creation.?
    Like preferred most intuitive software and any other tools.

  8. You must learn HTML Basicly.
    It is very easy. You can download many tutorials from internet.
    And if you can, buy Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver.

    If you want to create dynamic pages you want to learn PHP/ASP/JSP and MySQL.
    You can download PHP, MySQL,Apache server for free.

    But if you like to create any single static page , you can use image editing softwares like Photoshop, Fireworks, ImageReady. Because it is easy and you don’t need to learn html.

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