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How to Find Free Business Logo Design

Free business logo design can be found in a variety of areas. There are many logo design companies that will design your free business logo design if you purchase other products from them. Some logo design businesses will provide the free logo design with website design, stationary design and web hosting. For example, you purchase your website design and hosting through them and they will design a free business logo design for you. The price you pay for the website design and hosting depends on your needs in those areas but you are able to lump your free business logo design in the package as well for no additional cost.

Many logo design businesses will also provide you with discounts on products if you purchase your stationary and envelope design through them. You may not receive a free logo design but you will be able to save a little money on other business necessities. You may also find packages that offer other free services if you purchase your logo design from them. For example, some graphic design businesses will provide you with stationary and envelope design, a black and white logo design and your logo design in a variety of useful file formats. You may not be receiving a free business logo design but the other services are free or included in the price of the business logo design.

There are many options available to businesses that will help relieve the stress on the budget. Combining packages of products that you will need for your business will help you save both time and money. You will be able to find various graphic design packages that include free business logo design with the purchase of other services. Remember that you get what you pay for in the graphic design industry. Before you commit to any package in particular you should research the portfolio and pricing of the graphic designer.

About the author: Jeff Marsh is a lead designer with Logo Design Works. He has more than 8 years of experience in helping small businesses create their brands.

For a logo or Mascot Design for your company contact Logo Design Works on 614 917 2177.


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  1. What is a good website design/hosting company?
    I just need a basic, affordable template, for a business to consumer web site. In particular, one that will allow visitors to search available products, and fill out an order form to purchase those products.

    I also need a company that is “flexible”, and will allow me to easily upgrade to a flash site in the future – when my budget permits me too.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my question!

  2. What is the average cost to have a social networking website design for us, like Facebook/MySpace?
    We are looking to start a business for a social networking website, similar to Facebook/Myspace. We want to get an idea of how much it would cost to get the website design, hosting, and any other costs associated with running an online company. Thank you.

  3. Website Design hosting and domain names?
    i need a website that hosts websites for free, and gives you a domain name completely free, it needs to have secure ssl, public message posting, and website email (ie is there anything besides the very limited google sites, or can i make my own website without having to pay someone else to host your site and make a domain name?

  4. Can anyone recommend a good website design/maintenance/hosting company that they use?
    I am a start up business so cost is important. I live in Twickenham, South West London, and would ideally like someone local or in West London. I’ve had my fingers burnt with someone far away who had a great website of his own and quoted a good price, but lousy service. Only recommend if you still use the guy/gal. Thanks.

  5. website design, website hosting, etc. question?
    hi, i want to start an online store to sell some electronics, i have dreamweaver and know the very basics of creating a html website.

    with that said, im not to savvy when it comes to the know-hows of ssl, shopping cart, etc. what can i do to design my own site or have a good looking template and have all that stuff taken care of? i already have a merchant account with quickbooks to accept credit cards.

    i just want some kind of package to where i can have my own store, and i dont want to classic cheezy looking website, if you know a good place with alot of customization for the templates please show links.


  6. Hello,

    Although I can understand why you would want a free host, it is important to look at the total package that comes with paying a host. Really a webhost is only as good as the customer service it offers. A great host should have 99% Network uptime, fast and reliable hardware, and 24X7 customer service availability. You should be able to call the Host 24 hours a day and speak to someone that can help. No matter who you are, you will want great customer service. I would look into They offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This way you are not tied down and still are free to go else where.

    Good Luck.

    Sean Colicchio
    Server Engineer
    Host My Site

  7. I have used Integrated Technical Solutions and am very happy with their service. Upgrading isn’t a problem with them. You can call to ask about your specific site questions too.

  8. I recommend a place where you can build your own website with no technical knowledge.
    You don’t depend on anyone.

    There’s a site builder, so you fill in/upload your information.
    Unlimited pages/images.
    Unlimited bandwidth.
    You can use HTML editors and upload your pages, too.
    There are templates. No technical problems.
    Real, solid company.

    They teach you how to build your site (videos and text, and forums)
    They teach you to promote your site and get traffic.
    Amazing amount of tools, all in one place.

    I have my site with them, and I surely recommend the system.

  9. not a whole lot,,,
    $100-120 for hosting service per year
    free-$250 for ‘Facebook/Myspace’ script, depending on what you website you want to look like, one time fee
    $$$$-lot of money for advertising…your biggest expense
    trust me that’s about it.

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