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Website Design and Maintenance Agreement For New Product Launch

In the present day, due to the advancement of Information Technology, Internet has taken center stage, for the growth and promotion of the business. Today, no business, company or professional service can survive, without the effective use of online sites for marketing, services and promotions. A seller can search local, national or international customers for his product, through good sites.

An attractive online site can easily introduce and promote products to the customers and viewers. The home page is also most effective tool for new product launching, promotions and wider coverage of the products. For example, if you are an apparel designer and creating new styles, you can easily make a home page on Internet and provide sufficient details and pictures of your apparels there. The International buyers can also easily view your fashion cloths online.
Good sites, with well written contents are essential for drawing higher number of customers and viewers. The contents also must be revealing, qualitative and informative, which can provide sufficient information to the home page viewer. Attractive contents always draw the viewers, buyers and clients to online site.

In order to get well made online site, with good contents, it becomes necessary to hire a Web page maker, for promoting and maintaining the site on Internet. But, before hiring such technical professional, it becomes essential to enter into Website Design Agreement with him, for protecting the rights of each party. The contract includes, following terms & conditions, clauses and provisions, which are binding on both parties:

Contact details of both parties
Date and location
E-mail/phone consultation, Words of text, Links, Custom, Graphics Animation, Pictures etc.
Maintenance and Hourly Rate
Completion Date
Breach of contract and Penalties
Duration of the contract
Mode and terms of Payment
Termination clause
Web Hosting

The signing of the Agreement makes it legally valid document and can be produced in the court of law for the settlement of disputes.

You can also download such Agreement templates, from different Internet sites.

About the author: You can download various types of Website Design and Maintenance Agreement from Legal Forms here.


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  1. reasonable, reliable website design and maintenance?
    I have idea for website service whose setup would resemble craigslist with nodes (cities) and product (categories). It would start small (5 nodes with 50-250 products each, but hopefully grow to about 50-100 nodes, and maybe up to 2500 products each). I don’t know much about website design and when I’ve asked, I’ve gotten estimates as high as $20k, which would totally defeat the purpose of why I’d start. suggestions…???

  2. I supply basic e-commerce/shopping systems with admin side (made-to-measure CMS) for around 1200€ (~us$1600) for one month work, if you are interested.

  3. Website maintenance/ design..?
    Say I am interested in finding out about websites. The domain name has been registered and it is hosted.
    This is a travel website if that is relevant.
    This website is for information purposes/entertainment/etc.

    Where can I go to find out things like

    –different companies that will design what I have in mind and how much it will cost

    –Can I figure out how much time would I need to invest in a month or week to keep it updated. Also, If I am wanting to outsource this, is there a job title for someone who maintains websites? How much does this typically cost?

    10 points if you can answer these questions and also include any other information I may deem valuable.

  4. here’s what you do:
    go to :
    they are very inexpensive and they will do it right. (they built my website) Now unlike other companies they include search engine optimization. Plus unlike some other companies they will create a content management system which will allow you to maintain your own website without any html. You can create a new page by just typing a name for the page and start writing an article (similar to yahoo answers). You can log in from any computer and just start editing your website.

  5. Website Design, Maintenance and Bills?
    Hello, When a website designer has finished deisgning a website and they have been paid for the design does the client pay for the hosting and the domain and any extra charges how does it all work ?

    Thank You

  6. Can anyone recommend a good website design/maintenance/hosting company that they use?
    I am a start up business so cost is important. I live in Twickenham, South West London, and would ideally like someone local or in West London. I’ve had my fingers burnt with someone far away who had a great website of his own and quoted a good price, but lousy service. Only recommend if you still use the guy/gal. Thanks.

  7. There are a few contract types that people who pay for web sites like.

    1) Some like the fact that their web site side of the business is a single bill with very little internal manpower needed, so you take on the hosting, web design and maintenence of the site (not the site content, they have to provide that).

    2) Others like thier IT department to have control of it, so they pay for the site design then you hand the finished product to them with arrangements for maintenence and updates.

    3) Then they are those that want you to do the design and they will take care of the rest themselves, this is pretty much a time saver for them, using you to get the site going.

    Personally I prefer to take the contracts of the 1st and 2nd option. With the 1st you retain control, it will take a little more of your time once the site is up and you reflect this in the maintenence price.

    The 2nd means that there is less maintenence for you to do, but you must insist on a few criteria, such as not only backups but archives too. You don’t want to be called for maintenence to a damaged site and find that their IT department damaged it a few days before and the only backup is of the damaged site.

    The 3rd option must be cheaper for the customer, you still keep a limited time maintenence contract with them in case there is a problem that is traced back to the original design. But make it clear that design changes are not part of the maintenence contract, these are charged as extras, but only undertaken if the underlying code is untouched. I really don’t like this one, I recommend avoiding them, it may seem like easy money but the customers will come back for design changes and your code will be altered to such an extent that you practically have to rewrite. I charge the full price for design changes on these, as most designers would. But customers do not understand why you have to do this so will argue the point.

  8. I recommend a place where you can build your own website with no technical knowledge.
    You don’t depend on anyone.

    There’s a site builder, so you fill in/upload your information.
    Unlimited pages/images.
    Unlimited bandwidth.
    You can use HTML editors and upload your pages, too.
    There are templates. No technical problems.
    Real, solid company.

    They teach you how to build your site (videos and text, and forums)
    They teach you to promote your site and get traffic.
    Amazing amount of tools, all in one place.

    I have my site with them, and I surely recommend the system.

  9. Question about website design and maintenance?
    I have a general question about web site design and layout. I’ve dug
    around some on the net but haven’t been able to find an appropiate
    answer. Let’s say you have a website with a horizontal logo (a gif or
    jpg) at the top, a navigation menu in the left hand margin, and some
    html text and links at the bottom of the page. All the pages on the
    site have these three common components, the only thing changing is
    the content across the 50+ webpages of the website. Now, let’s say one
    decides to add another item to the menu on the left, change the top
    logo etc. This means one would have to go back and change it in all
    the individual webpages as well.

    You can probably guess my question at this point: how can I define the
    common elements (the top logo, left margin menu etc) in one page (call
    it page X), import or link page X in the individual pages so when I
    make any changes, I only have to change it in page X, and it gets
    propogated throughout all the webpages on the site automatically.

    Stylesheets naturally come to mind, but I didn’t find anything about
    including common images and html bits in the CSS resources I looked
    up. From the little I know about html, it doesn’t have provisions for
    importing external files for such purposes. Please correct me if I’m
    wrong in my assumptioin.

    What’s a good way to accomplish the objective I have in mind?

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