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Website Design and Development

Website Development Company
We offer custom web development services to meet client requirements. We place a high emphasis on the quality of coding making our application robust, secure and well optimized that includes Website Development Company, Web Development Company, Software Development Company, Web Solutions, Mobile Application Development Company.

Website Design Company
Web design is the process of planning and creating a website. Text, images, digital media and interactive elements are used by web designers to produce the page seen on the web browser that includes Website Design Company, Web Design Company, Web Designing Company, Website Redesigning Company, Graphic Design Company, Logo Design Company, Brochure Design Company

Search Engine optimization
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines that includes Search Engine Optimizers, SEO Services, SMO Services, SEO Company, Web Promotions, Website Promotions.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting
We offer Domain name registration and Linux web hosting, windows website hosting services all over India that includes Domain Hosting Company, Buy Online Domain Hosting Services, Domain Registration Services, Website Hosting company, Website Hosting Services, Hosting Solutions, Web Hosting company, Cheap Web Hosting Services, Unlimited Web Hosting Services, Free Web Hosting Services

Our Content Management Systems (CMS) service revolutionizes the manner in which you manage your online information and content – from web copy to published articles and press releases, from audio, video files to marketing brochures that includes Content Management Solutions, Content Management Services, CMS Solutions, CMS Services, Content Management Systems, website content management Services, web content Management Solutions

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E-Softcare Technologies is about us recognized as one of the reputed Service provider in the IT and Automation industry. The company specializes in areas of IT, WEB, AUTOMATION and Security Solutions. E-Softcare Technologies redefines the standard for interactive designs and developments. Our creative insights enable us to transform our clients message beyond simple expression into an intuitive presentation of the subject matter.

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10 thoughts on “Website Design Development”

  1. We are a new website design & development starting up on own,how do we find new start up companies to approach?
    as we would like small projects to begin with, as there is so many big fish out there?

  2. We are working in Website Design and Development very cheap cost but people ask again decrease the prices why?
    We are working in Website Design and Development very cheap cost but people ask again decrease the prices why? i am not understand the peoples manner.

  3. you can check county records for new fictitious names that have been registered, or local business newspapers that will have the business listed in the classified section. You can also post ads on Craigslist looking for just anyone who needs a website.

  4. I agree with all of these answers. People are demanding more and expecting to pay less. As a graphic designer I am against this trend and I do all that I can to encourage other designers (and web developers) to keep their prices high (at the appropriate amount) in order to keep a respect for the arts.

    If I have a client that is on a low budget, (I either reject the project) or I give a temporary discount and tell them the regular price. I don’t want my clients thinking that the discount price is the price they can expect in the future.

    Hold strong and don’t lower your prices.

  5. what is the best platform for small website design /development?
    I start to build websites for small business . I am using wordpress.
    Is important for me to have a CMS for fast development.
    I know HTML , CSS and basic PHP and I can easy learn other languages resources.

  6. I’d recommend WordPress because it’s an easy CMS that’s doing a lot for you.
    There exist a lot of great tutorials how to create your own wordpress theme.
    See sources

  7. What questions should client be asked for their website design/development?
    What questions do you ask a client before you build their website?

  8. 1) what is your goals – do you want to drive traffic – sell a product – market a service(local, nationwide or global) – is this website a community forum or social network site – personal blog etc.

    2) what would you like your website to look like. colors, layout etc.

    3) how many pages would you like and what would you like to name them

    4) would you like a dynamic website or a static website

    5) do you have a domain name

    6) do you have a web host provider in mind

    7) will you be providing your own images, videos, and graphics such as logos and headers

    8) will you be providing you own text content (about us information, mission statement etc.)

    9) what is your budget – how much are you willing to spend

    10) will you be updating your own website or will you be hiring me to do weekly or monthly updates

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