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Flexibility The Sign of a Good Website Designs Company

There are many different companies that offer website designs services these days thanks to the increased demand for sites. It is a given that any business needs an online presence in order to do well these days since customers are increasingly preferring to spend their money online. However, it is not sufficient to just have a token presence on the internet because there is a great deal of competition out there. Businesses therefore have to get their sites created by a company that is very highly qualified. There are many features that such a company should have and flexibility is one of them.

A web designs company can be technically superb but it will fail to offer a client what he or she needs in order for the business to be a success if it is not flexible. No doubt, there are plenty of templates available and a company just has to use one to make a fairly decent website for the client. However, a business needs much more than a fairly decent’ website in order to make a good impression on its customers. This can only be achieved if the designer it hires pays close attention to what the company is all about and designs the site accordingly. There are many aspects, both visible and invisible, that need to be taken into account and this is usually done after detailed discussions between the designer and the client. The most successful website designs creators always approach each case individually and they take a personal approach to each project. Only if the issues that each company faces are understood clearly can the finished product be good.

As a designer, you should also be able to provide a client with more than one option. A client will feel that he is not getting his money’s worth if you provide him with just one solution. There are many different looks that a website can have and clients too have good knowledge about what technology is currently in vogue and what features the site ought to have.

The design company should also be flexible in terms of payment terms. Lots of small companies are realizing the importance of having an online presence but they find the cost of hiring designers to be prohibitively expensive. The pricing should be competitive because the website designs company will otherwise fail to find business, considering that there are many of them available and clients have immense choices.

If you are a firm of designers or just a freelancer, you should always remember that clients are very choosy these days, both in terms of the finished product as well as value for money. Clients have so many options these days that you have no option but to be very flexible in your dealings with them. Keep this in mind when you approach new business and you will become immensely successful. Your flexibility will ensure that your good reputation spreads and that new customers will come seeking your company out.

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  1. Website design prices, am I getting a good deal?
    I have a website being built. The company is charging me $3100, users are able to fill out a profile and add certain things to my website database that is searchable by other users. I think I’m getting a good deal, but I’m also affraid the price might be too low and the website might turn out bad. Any thoughts?

  2. What is a good price for website design?
    I am wanting a website designed very basic a about us,contact us,and a gallery,homepage no shopping cart what is a fair price for this

  3. What is a reasonable price for a website design?
    My aunt asked me to design a website for her new business and she said she would pay me to do it, but I really don’t have any idea of how much to charge her. It is a five page site. How much would you charge? Flat price for the whole thing, or an hourly rate?

  4. I’m a web designer too and I’ve seen rates in my local area from $20 per hour to as high as $95 per hour. I’ve also seen flat rates from $99 for a one page site to some really crazy amounts…I’m talking $10,000 for ecommerce.

    It really depends on what she wants, what your are able to do, etc. Personally I charge $99 for a 3 page site and $30 for each additional page. I find the flat rate is an easier sell to the customer. Sometimes I come out good…and sometimes I lose on flat rates. Very important to find out up front what she wants so you don’t have a lot of revisions.

    I use templates/sitebuilders so it is not hard and there is very little actual coding.

    Make sure to find out what she can spend on hosting. Prices for this range from $5 per month and up depending on how much space she needs.

    If she needs a domain name, don’t pay the $30-$75 I see so often. You find them for $9.95 and with an excellent company. I use them because the domain name gets registered to the person…not the domain company so you maintain full control over it.

    I’ve put links below to a hosting site with sitebuilder software included as well as the domain name company I use.

    Hope that helps.

  5. We are working in Website Design and Development very cheap cost but people ask again decrease the prices why?
    We are working in Website Design and Development very cheap cost but people ask again decrease the prices why? i am not understand the peoples manner.

  6. A good price for website design depends on many factors:
    Most people are obviously not professional website designers so they only see the front end visual look of website design and usually do not think about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – getting high search engine rankings for their website. The first priority should be Search Engine Ranking, then visual appearance. Why is high search engine ranking important? Because you could have an awesome website visually, but if it ranks on page 100 of the search engines then only you will get to enjoy it unless you are sending direct links to people to come visit your website.

    1) How much of the work are you willing to do?
    – If you are going to do your own original content copywriting then that would lower the price of the website design.
    2) Do you already know the design concept and layout that you want?
    – If you already know the graphic design concept that you want then that will lower the price of the website design.
    3) Will you do the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) yourself?
    – If you offer to do your own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will lower the price of the website design.
    4) Will you maintain your website on an ongoing basis?
    – If you are willing to manage your website then that will lower the price of website design. Also if you are providing your own web hosting that will lower the price of website design.

    I see that someone else suggested that you should choose a CMS website platform. I totally agree both personally and professionally. WordPress is currently ranked as the #1 open source CMS website platform so it’s a no brainer on which CMS platform to choose. I am a professional website designer among other things and one of the reasons I build most of my websites on the WordPress CMS platform is because once I’m done with the visual stuff and coding I can hand the website over to the owner and they can handle everything they need to do with their website without any further assistance from me.

    So the bottom line is if you are willing to do some of the work yourself and manage your own website, then you should be able to get a much better website design price.

    Cost for a WordPress website if you do all of the work yourself = $70 a year for web hosting, $10 a year to buy your website domain name, WordPress itself does not cost anything = FREE!, WordPress Themes are FREE! So the do it yourself WordPress way will cost you less than $100.

    If you want someone to customize a WordPress Theme for you (visual graphic stuff or coding) that will run you anywhere from $100-$300.
    If you want someone to write your original content copywriting that should cost around $100-$200 a page.
    If you want someone to SEO your web pages that costs about $100 per page.
    These are middle market or somewhere in the middle prices anyway for a professional.
    More expensive website designs include embedded Flash. Flash AS3 coding can be very time consuming compared to HTML and PHP coding so you will end up paying a lot more if Flash is involved in the website design.

    If you get an honest professional website designer you should ask to get a break down on the hours of each part of the website design process. I can personally design and configure a WordPress website in about 10 hours – that’s the easy part and the least time consuming part of website design. Original copywriting requires research and SEO requires research and of course actually doing both of those things takes a lot of time. A typical 10 page website fully SEO’d and all original copywriting takes me around 10 days or 100 hours – that includes all the bells and whistles visually and backend coding as well as writing and SEO. So if you do the math and you’re paying the website designer to do all the work at let’s say $10 an hour, then that would be $1,000. This is for a “real” website that has been completely done for you not a pretty design graphic with no substance that you will find on page 10 of Google. More realistically I would expect that a pro would charge minimum $25 an hour. Once again if you are going to do the bulk of the work after the website is designed then the cost could then be as low as just $250 for just the actual website design itself (10 hours x $25 an hour).

    I am no longer taking on any more new clients, but when I was I would interview them first to see if they were serious about making money. My websites are designed to do 2 primary things – achieve first page Google rankings and to make money. Occaisonally I make an exception and just build the core website and do the visual design if I feel that the person who wants the website is really going to do the ongoing work. Several of my website designs have never had any work done on them after I did my part and this bugs me personally so I don’t usually bother offering that service anymore.

    Anyway samples of the websites I have designed can be found on my website. They range in price from a $200 do it yourself WordPress websites to a $5,000 dollar website (Vision Sign – the website design cost is about $1,500 in hours, the rest of the price is the ongoing work done on that website) >>>

    If you just need a personal website or just a for fun website you can get a free site at Hope this info was helpful.

  7. I agree with all of these answers. People are demanding more and expecting to pay less. As a graphic designer I am against this trend and I do all that I can to encourage other designers (and web developers) to keep their prices high (at the appropriate amount) in order to keep a respect for the arts.

    If I have a client that is on a low budget, (I either reject the project) or I give a temporary discount and tell them the regular price. I don’t want my clients thinking that the discount price is the price they can expect in the future.

    Hold strong and don’t lower your prices.

  8. Website design prices?
    I am shopping around for a company to make a website for me. Users will be able to create a simple profile and add content and pictures to a database for other users to search. I don’t want a lot of bells and whistles, just a nice appearance. What would be a good price? Can anyone recommend any good companies? Thanks

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