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Three Ways to Make Extra Cash Today

With the prevalent economic crisis today and with the holiday season fast approaching, you are probably very much pressured to earn more. True, you are expecting a Christmas bonus from your company, but that, in itself, may have already been allocated for a certain project or expense. So you are left with resorting to other means of income. This article will provide you with three ways to make extra cash today. These are fairly simple suggestions, and these do not need a lot of capital, as well.

1. Get freelance work from friends or other companies. As almost all services are being outsourced today, for sure you will find clients who want small projects done. As these are fairly temporary in nature, companies prefer freelancers to take care of the job so they don’t have to hire additional people and let them go after the project is completed.

Getting freelance jobs from friends is easier as you’ve already established a relationship with them. Also, they are already familiar with your work ethics, so it wouldn’t be much of an issue negotiating terms and conditions.

Usually, website design, software development, training, and writing are among the most common jobs you can take to earn extra cash. Make use of your talent and translate it to extra income.

2. Get rid of your unused stuff. Selling is perhaps the oldest form of making money, so make use of this method of earning extra cash. Look into the things that you have been storing in your broom closet, and identify the items that you are never ever going to use again. At the outset, it’ll be hard to let go of some stuff, especially when these have sentimental value. Sometimes, however, you need to be practical and finally let go of some things. This way, you are not only earning extra money, you are also clearing your house from clutter.
Of course, it goes without saying that you need to make sure that the items you want to sell are still usable and are of good quality. Otherwise, this means of earning extra income will not really work.

3. Use the Internet. Of course, no other resource is better than the Internet when it comes to earning extra income. It is so accessible that anyone who has an Internet connection can reap its benefits.

There are more than a hundred ways of earning extra income from the Internet. The most common ones are participating in online surveys, joining online shopping sites, bidding to develop software, and online writing.

With online surveys, clients send you forms and questions to answer. Aside from the upfront cash offered by this endeavor, it’s great to know that your opinion is valued.

There are also a number of things that you can do for online writing. Whether you’re writing blogs, product descriptions, or even tips and trivia, there’s always something for the writer in you.

Whatever skill you may have, you will always find something on the Internet that will let you earn extra cash. The good thing about this method of making additional income is there’s practically no amount needed from you as investment. All you need to have is a computer, an Internet connection, an ample amount of extra time, and, of course, your talent. There are still a number of other strategies of earning extra cash. The ones mentioned above are the simplest and the most common ones adapted by many. If you do decide to try put in a substantial increase on your regular paycheck, then it may serve you right to research on other more profitable ways and see what works for you.

These three ways to make extra cash today will surely address some of your financial obligations. The earnings may not be enough to cover a full-month’s salary, but, at least, it can help you. After all, these are only meant to be additional income. This means that they will only supplement the regular amount of money that you are receiving from your primary job.

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  2. Hi Jon,

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  5. Sure..u can try the following name :

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  6. Website development/design specification software or tool?
    Im wondering.. is there any software or tool (web based or otherwise) that helps and streamlines the whole technical and functional specification writing process so that we as developers/website can sit with clients, assess what they want to create/achieve and write up the spec efficiently and easily so that when its approved it can easily be passed onto the webdev people and they can create what is set out in the specification?

    Thank you in advance!

  7. Not that I know of, but it is a good idea! I’ll write one soon… (
    You can have a glance at sign in as a buyer, and you will see a questionnaire. That is a start, but it is not “good enough” yet.

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