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How Important Is Good Design For Your Websitec

The internet has become one of the greatest inventions of all time. We rely on the WorldWideWeb for the things that we need, the things that we want and the things that we wish for. It has been the home for bloggers who wants to express their personal opinions, multinational companies who want to broaden their market, entrepreneurs taking that extra mile to reach more potential customers.

It is all right here – with just one click.

One of the main ingredient for having a successful website or blog is to have a good design. Usually, when you search the internet, our eyes immediately react to the aesthetic aspect of the website. The combination of colors or the ‘artistic look’ captures our sight and we tend to explore the website more because of how they have managed to conceptualize the design.

These are some of the key areas you need to look at so that your website will have a lot of readers:-

Visual Design

For people who maintain their own websites, they try to inject their personality on their websites. Aside from content, the design should also speak of what is their website’s main objective.

Example, if the website is all about fashion, the design or template used can be about pages of a magazine or celebrities walking the red carpet and more.

Immediately, it conveys a message to the reader what the website is all about.

For business companies, newspaper agencies and the like – most of the designs used will evolve on the company’s mission, vision and ideals. These companies have to project to their potential customers in the global market of what they believe in and what they can offer.

They will not put in colors that will distract the people from what they present – the content of the business or the main headlines of a news story.

Once you have captured your audience, you want them to stay in the website or come back regularly to visit.

A good design does not only end on the ‘aesthetic’ side but is also concern about the accessibility of the website to its readers. People will admire the ‘look’ of your website but will they be able to use the SEARCH fieldc Will they be able to easily go to your ARCHIVE posts for more informationc Will the page load almost immediately if they click on a pagec Will the links to the website workc

Taking all this into account, having designed a good website can take you to places because it will be viewed by different people in different countries. You need to have this in mind when you build a website.

Setting up a website takes a lot of hard work and will require a lot of ‘out of the box’ ideas because everyday a new batch of websites is being launched and you need to always be on top of things so that your website does not get to the bottom of the list to be visited.

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  1. where i can find roxy (quicksilver) endless vacation 110 litre luggage? preferably the black and white spots?
    I can find the luggage i want on the roxy website (
    but i can not find a stocklister that sells it. i have looked all over the web but all they have is different deisgns. i would either like the brown and orange small spots or the black and white large spots designs in the 110 litre endless vacation luggage style?
    i need the stocklister to be in surrey or london

  2. Where can I find a decent web designer in Surrey?
    I’ve been looking for someone to design a website, and preferred if they were based in Surrey. There are so many, how do I know if they’re any good. Any of you have any experience with any web designers in the Surrey area? Freelancer’s probably best as they end to be cheaper!

    Thankyou for any answers.

  3. Does my website look professional enough? Aslo how can i imrove in regards to SEO?
    Does my website look professional enough? Aslo how can i imrove in regards to SEO?

    I recently started my own web design / graphic design agency. I have been building websites for just over a year now so please do not ridicule my work to date – I am still learning…..

    here is a direct link to my site –

    My first question is please could anyone reading this post give me some constructive critisism regarding my website. What have I done well, what could I improve and what do you think I need to work on.

    My second question is by looking at my code is there anything I can do to help climb the google ladder in regards to page rank. The site itself has been live for almost 6 months and I am still on page 12/13 for searches such as “Web Design Surrey” “Graphic Design Surrey” etc

    Kind Regards


  4. Hey, your website really looks great, i mean it … no need to change anything on design, looks clean.
    The code could be improved by moving out the on-page css to the external css, and also moving out of the way the text/javascript code (make it external so the page body will be near the top)

    Could put more effort on having more pages as in more text/site , but the most important is the lack of promotion for it, meaning very few backlinks.
    A more detailed analysis could be found here:

    For start just try to look at other people pages (same niche) and see where from they got their backlinks and follow their tracks (do a reverse engineering).

  5. Creating A Basic Database Website?
    I’ve got a question I would really appreciate your wisdom on…

    Want to create a really basic template that I can duplicate several times for different database websites if that’s possible.

    The database websites ideally would each have:
    •Breadcrumb trail
    •RSS feed for each URL
    •Use mod rewrite so URL’s are search engine friendly

    Something like the following typical hierarchy (3 or 4 tiers):

    Home page -> Links to 20-100 Category pages -> Category pages link to category subpages underneath each category -> (Optional) Then some sites would link to a final “product” page

    For example, one database site I would love to do would be a site about banks in the UK.

    So it would be:

    UK Banks -> Surrey Banks -> Brighton Banks

    Another database site would be about cars and different models/makes:

    Cars -> BMW -> BMW M3

    And so on…

    The only database fields/values that I can think of which would change on each site are the following:

    1.Category anchor text links
    2.Sub category anchor text links
    3.Title Tag – (same as page URL)
    4.H1 Tag – (Same as page URL & title tag)
    5.H2 Tag – (Same as page URL & title tag)
    6.Meta keywords – (Same as page URL & title tag)
    7.Meta Description
    8.Body content – 150-300 word text on category & sub category pages – All content would be very similar throughout the site but use place-holder text that would change depending upon what the page was about.

    Tell me if I’ve got it completely wrong, but from what I understand so far (learning tonight), if I use the same fields in the web design structure, I will just need to update these values on an excel spreadsheet with different data (kept in the same columns) and simply upload that to MySQL for each new database website. The design would be pretty much the same on each site and I could do that myself with Dream Weaver. Therefore, if I can get a template database designed, I could then use that for the other database websites.

    Please let me know your thoughts? Is this all possible or am I not appreciating what a massive task this is?



  6. Is this a good discription I’ve written?
    I’ve designing a postcard to advertise my new web design agency. On the postcard I have space for a short 100 word description and I would like your opinion on the one I’ve written if that’s okay.
    Here it is:

    Our Agency is the perfect choice for your web design needs. Whether it’s a small personal photo gallery or a large fully featured ecommerce store you can be sure we will approach all aspects of your brief with an aim to exceeds your expectations. We’re here to make sure the websites of Surrey are the best there is.

    It’s a little known fact that a well designed website goes a long way towards establishing a market authority status with your customers. We will help you to make this happen with a beautifully designed website that’s sure to grab your customers attention.

    Thanks for reading it. If you could give me your feedback that would be great. Also, if you think you could improve it or even do a better job, please could you write your version in your answer. Thank you.
    Thank you for answering so quickly ladies! In the final description I have the company name instead of ‘our agency’ at the begriming. I omitted it from my question because I didn’t want to be seen as advertising on Y!A.
    I’ve added an apostrophe to the ‘customer’s’ like one of you said. Grammar and punctuation are my biggest faults, I never get anything 100% right. Thanks so much for the feedback, I really do appreciate it

  7. Don’t capitalize ‘agency’. Make the second sentence shorter, or break into two sentences. Omit “it’s a little known fact that.” Apostrophe in the ‘customers’ (customer’s) before ‘attention’ .

    Pretty good all in all =)

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