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There are thousands of independent massage therapists working in the U.S. today. Even though most of these therapists have managed to finish their education and pass the licensing exam, they still have the challenge of building up a clientele and running a small business. One of the best ways to add legitimacy and professionalism to a new small business is by building a web presence. A massage web design gives prospective clients a chance to “meet” you before they call. Your website is essentially your store front or window to the world. This combined with the fact that over 80% of people looking for therapists use the Internet makes it even more critical than ever to have a professional web presence. A good massage marketing should involve online marketing
What are some of the most important components of successful massage web designc First of all, you should keep in mind that your website is your client’s first impression of you and your services. So your massage web design should encourage them to keep reading by employing design elements that create an overall impression of therapy and healing. You may use a soothing color scheme and photos of beautiful scenery, or images often associated with pampering and relaxation. Another way to make a solid impression is by incorporating music and/or video into your website so that visitors are greeted with an appealing song when they arrive at your site. Remember a website is a double edged sword. A poor website will reflect poorly on you and your business and could do more harm than good.

As a massage therapist, how can you get a first class website to help you create the image you want for your practicec Obviously, one way is to hire a professional web designer to create a one-of-a-kind customized massage web design. But this is expensive, and can end up costing you thousands of dollars before your site even goes live. Not many massage therapists are in a position to afford such a service especially when they are just starting out. Another option is to design your own massage web design. This can be very cost effective, but unless you have training in website design, the final result can end up looking very unprofessional.
But there is a third option which may be ideal for a starting massage therapy business. Using a massage template that has been made by a professional web designer will enable you to benefit from the technical and design know-how of someone who really knows what they are doing. These massage templates act as a beautiful frame, into which you can add your own logo, photographs, and text; customizing it to perfectly represent you and your practice. Since the design is based on a massage template the initial costs are typically significantly lower. In addition, you will see exactly what you will get so their will be less confusion and the site should be up live on the Internet in much less time. You could have a site up in as little as a few weeks if you use a company that uses a massage template. There are also several companies such as that specialize in massage web design.

The cost of using a massage template for your website is nominal in comparison to having a custom site built. Along with annual web hosting and domain registration, you can have a fully functional website for less than 0 in some cases. The benefits of being represented on the internet are immeasurable. You’ll have access to thousands of potential clients that you may never have been able to reach with any other form of advertising. Not only that, but you can change your website as often as you like, making it a true reflection of your business as it grows. Your massage templates is critical piece to the massage marketing plan and you cant have an effective massage marketing plan without a website since so many strategies involve the Internet. Marketing massage is different in some ways than marketing other services and in order to have an effective massage marketing plan you need to have some ideas as to how to go about your market.

A website serves as a critical massage marketing tool for your business in addition to adding credibility and professionalism to your business. In today’s market it is very important that you stand out amongst your competition and have a professional massage web design or massage template is one of the best ways to do so. Once you have a site you can tap into Google and the other search engines and you can also incorporate an email marketing program. Email marketing is one of the best ways to add value to your business, to keep in touch with your clients, and to stay connected with potential clients. It is extremely simple to send monthly email newsletters to your clients and potential clients and if you want to stay ahead of the game it is very important incorporate new and effective massage marketing strategies.

Now is not the time to sit back and wait for business to come to you. Take the time to put together a massage marketing plan that incorporates an on-line marketing component. You will not only find having a massage web design and an online massage marketing focus to be rewarding, but also fun. Don’t let anything stand in the way of establishing your dream business as a professional massage therapist. With your education, your passion, and a professional massage website, you’ll have everything you need to promote and grow your practice.

About the author: Brad Bennett is the owner of Massage Marketing and specializes in creating Massage Templates.


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  1. What is meant by website template?how it is useful for the website design?
    Hi yahoo answers what is website template…Using this template i can create my own website design…Then what is the use of the template

  2. A website template is a tool used to separate content from presentation in web design, and for mass-production of web documents. It is a basic component of a web template system….Once a template is purchased or downloaded, the user will replace all generic information included in the web template with their own personal, organizational or product information. Website Templates can be used to:

    * Display personal information or daily activities as in a blog.
    * Sell products on-line.
    * Display information about a company or organization.
    * Display family history.
    * Display a gallery of photos.

  3. where we can see website design template?
    I wanna reference for design a web page. SO, where I can see website design template?

    Can you paste more link?

  4. How do you design your very own website template?
    I don’t mean ‘how do u build a website’ I really need to know how to design a template like on professional websites how their templates are designed by themselves someone please help

  5. It sound like you are refering to sites with dynamic data displayed on a standardized template so the look is consistent.

    There are many ways of doing this. One way is to design the basic web page HTML and CSS and just incude that HTML in the script output such as with a PHP script pulling data from a MySQL database.

    Another way and very popular is to use a “template engine” such as Smarty. This way you just use any good web editor to design the page HTML ad CSS. Within the template you use “smarty tags” to insert data using variables. The values are assigned to the variables in a PHP script and a call is made to the “Smarty engine” to display the page. This is a very easy method to use and makes updating the look and feel of a site much easier to do.

    I use smarty quite a bit in my designs.

  6. What software can I use to design a website template for my website?

    I am interested in building a website.

    I would like to know if there is any software I can buy online or store that can design Web templates (css/html) for my website. I will use my own icons and stuff.

    Please put down the name of the software(s).

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  7. How long does it take to fill in a website design template and how difficult is it?
    I’ve been putting this off because I’m imagining it to be a huge & difficult task. I love learning about computer stuff. But, I’m just starting out learning how to put a website together (standard one with just a couple of pages of info like class schedule, rates, contact info., etc.). Any advice on how to make this less complicated minus the cost?

  8. Download Nvu ( or Mozilla Composer (comes with the mozilla browser suite and NOT mozilla firefox) as they’re pretty simple and straightforward. I prefer Mozilla Composer as nothing can get simpler than that. Try Google Pages too.

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