Website Design Tips

Website Design Tips

Modern Website Design Tips To Try

Modern website design, usability and your site from a conversion perspective are important factors to consider. So many people have a website out there and they just usually treat it as a brochure, they don’t treat it as a sales person. To me, your website is a lead generation tool and it’s a sales person and you have to treat it as such, you have to manage it as such and you have to work with it as such.

Why have a websitec There are fundamentally only two reasons you’d want to have a website. Firstly it is to create internet marketing reviews and make sales directly online; this is on an e commerce site. It’s basically a digital sales person. So it’s there for no extra reason than to get people to take out their credit cards in front of their lap tops and give you money.

The second reason for having good website design examples is to make the phone ring, to get people out of their chair and walk into your office. So many people have websites that are all about ego, it’s all about themselves. It’s not; you’ve got to make it have calls to action and get people to come and interact with your business.

The big thing in optimize press review is that there should be one page, one purpose. Every single page on your website should have a purpose and have an outcome. You should actually work out what that page is designed to do and make sure that it does it. The About Us page is designed to give credibility, make it give credibility and nothing else. Don’t confuse people. Don’t have a web page that has nine different outcomes. It’s going to confuse people and they will not take action. A confused person doesn’t take action. That applies to any sort of marketing, be it online or direct mail, or even any sales process, on the phone or live. A confused person doesn’t take action. So make sure every page has a purpose to follow an effective and modern website design.

Every page has to have a keyword focus. From a website perspective, let’s say you run a bike store. You want to have a page about Trek bikes. You want to have a page about another brand of bikes, Canondale bikes. It’s all about having one page, one keyword, so not only does it work from a conversion perspective after reading aweber review, it works from an SEO perspective as well.

Google is the same, Google is exactly like your customer. It will get confused if you try to do more than one thing for the web page. If you’re trying to target more than one keyword, say podcast interviews, just like the person reading it, Google is going to get confused and do nothing with your site.

Phone numbers on web sites are absolutely crucial. To me a website is designed to get the phone to ring. That is why it is important to follow modern website design tips to get more customers to come in and buy your products soon.

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  1. Have any tips on website design?
    I’m looking to create a website concentrated on reviewing BMX parts and such. I’m very good with computers, but I don’t have any experience with running a website. Any tips at all will help. Thanks.

  2. Good website design tips..?
    I am planning to build my website which gives some good tips on interior and furniture for your office as well as home. I am looking for some helpful tips and ideas, please share your tips for good website design..

  3. Where can I find website templates and design tips for my research group website?
    I’m working on a site for my university research group and I wanted to get some ideas on how best to organize it for a clean, functional design. Can someone recommend resources for templates and/or design advice? Thanks.

  4. Website design – any tips on using graphics effectively?
    I’m building a website for my business and I’ve been adding graphics today. However I feel a bit like I’m just using them to fill in the gaps, and I’m worried I might be overdoing it.

    Any design tips on how and when to use graphics on a website?

  5. Good tips:… Hmm.. Yep. Like the first answer guy said, learning HTML would be a good idea but you do not neccesarily have to use HTML. Dreamweaver comes with two modes, programming and designing. You can use the design part to construct your website buy adding aimations, flash buttns, etc. Another godd tip is to use web sharing websites for example like piczo or Those websites come with web designing apps for begginers like you. Hope that helped! 🙂

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  7. All elements of a landing/sales page (a business site should never use the home page also as a sales page) must support your Unique Value Proposition. That applies to images as well.

    If you’re images are not clearly expressing your UVP (your offer), or taking up too much room Vs your sales copy, then you have a problem.

    Your UVP must answer the 2 questions in every visitor’s mind:
    1. “Why should I buy your product or service”
    2. “Why should I buy it from you and not from your competitors?”

    You must also be concerned with your visitor’s eye path. Your sales page layout must lead them smoothly through your sales process. Poorly used images can block the eye path, as can unneeded vertical columns and other elements.

    To learn all about landing page design, visit They are expert and have many actual case studies for free. They also give excellent free webinars every other Wednesday.

    They are scientists who study online sales scientifically and then give away their results. They have learned an awful lot and hugely boosted the online revenues of many companies.

    Hope that helped…
    _jim coe

  8. Try Weebly, there easy to manage free website (or blog) has cool features that include drag and drop capability, switch designs on the fly, youtube and google video, custom html, upload images, flikr photo gallery, visitor stats and more. You can also buy a new domain instantly, or host your existing domain for free.

    If your looking for something more advanced but still user friendly then try CityMax or Site Builder Designs, they have everything you need in building your own website: domain name registration, web hosting, web builder, site maintenance and email accounts. Everything is laid out in an easy to follow step by step instruction. Some of the features included enable you to add your own themes, videos, images or mp3 music making your site unique to you. Pricing is comparable and affordable too.

    I hope that I was of some help and answered your question.

  9. Is my website to cluttered? Any Design tips?
    I am wondering if you could visit and tell me what you think of my new website design. I’ve seen it so many times and just need some fresh eyes to give me tips.

    I’m thinking I’ll probably change the questions so that they span two rows next to each other.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I’ll try changing it based on some of those suggestions.

  10. Yes, maybe your website needs a new look. I have been a web developer since 1995 and ultimately people want what they want. If your site doesn’t deliver the goods, no amount of bells and whistles will help.

    I would like to comment on your fairtax idea though. I live in Arizona, which is a state that is overly dependent on sales taxes and has one of the lowest income taxes in the country. We have been hit particularly hard specifically because of the dependence on sales tax. Unemployed people don’t pay any income tax and they don’t spend a lot of money. But worse than that, even people who still have jobs don’t have a positive outlook on the economy and they have stopped spending, hence a fiscal disaster.

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