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Since the origin of Internet, the process of website development has undergone a large number of advancements. The web designers of today are aware about ample number of tools that can be used for creating more efficient and user-friendly websites. The newly created softwares have acted as sources of success for all the firms working towards achieving efficient Software Development in India.

Website development actually refers to the processes and activities that are related with the development of different websites for different business firms. The different areas related with the designing of a website include client side coding, server side coding, combination of both and the utilization of database technology. Apart from this, the website development team uses certain tools which are extremely essential for undertaking the process of creation of efficient websites. Some of the most popular tools used by a majority of web designers include: Photoshop 5.5, the Dreamweaver 1st page 2009, Media Cleaner etc. Photoshop 5.5 allows the web designer to edit the pictures to be used for the web pages. Dreamweaver 1st page 2009 is a free HTML editor which comprises of JavaScript and Perl Scripts. Media Cleaner is a format acceptor and works in all platforms.

Software Development India web designing consortium has seen the introduction of different kinds of softwares that have made the task of web designing even more exciting and challenging. These softwares have helped the web designers to add new features that have provided an exclusive look to the websites.

The other tools that have come as a great help for all the web designers of today, include the RealSystem G2 Beta Server, which is a great in-streaming media, the Shoutcast server that enables the broadcasting of streaming Mp3’s from the server to Winamp users all over the world. Another tool used by a majority of web designers is Flash4. Livestage is another tool that provides all the features of QuickTime format. Analog logfile analyzer is yet another tool which is used for analyzing different log files. The Canoma is the tool which has enabled the web designers to add 3D graphics to the websites. These 3D graphics have added a special effect to all the websites which are designed for different purposes. Some other tools that have made the concept of web designing even more exciting include the Illustrator, Image Oprimizer, Topstyle, Actinic Catalog, WebSpeed Optimizer and Drumbeat 2500. Every tool used by the web designers of today has been extremely successful in providing a new shape to the field of web designing and web development. Most of the software firms dealing with different techniques of web designing have even relied on the trial uses of these tools. There are some companies which even rely on the all-time free utilization of these tools.

The software companies of today are continuously working towards attaining efficiency in Software Development in India. I, personally feel that if our web designers make the use of different tools required for dynamic website development in an efficient manner, then we can surely be able to create extremely efficient and user-friendly websites that can serve to the purpose of every person.

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  1. Website design tools for absolute beginners.?
    I am looking to make a quality website but have minimal design skills (I know basic HTML but that’s about it). I’ve heard that software like Dreamweaver can make great websites, but is it beginner friendly? If not, what are some software ideas for people who want a great looking website but want to spend more time on the content rather than the site structure itself? Is Microsoft Expressions newbie friendly?

    I’m not really interested in blogging software either.


  2. best website design tools?
    hey guys I am going to be designing a professional grade website for a business and I need to know what tools to use, I have heard that Photoshop and Dreamweaver are the best combo, but what about fireworks, or flash. And what is a complete list of tools I will need to design this website, thanks
    yes i do want to use programs, should i use flash and fireworks also, if so what do they add to the customization.

  3. I used Brinkster that has free domain name with limit of 25mb size and you can use there GUI setup or the HTML way. Yahoo also has a free domain if you have an account setup with them. Dreamweaver is not for beginners but takes time to learn.

  4. I am looking for a website/design tool to design a garden and landscaping before I actually plant. Any ideas?
    am looking for a way to help see my landscaping and gardening come together before I start planting and landscaping. Any ideas of websites or tools that let you put in a design of your house and fencing and start from there?

  5. Website design?
    I have an office live subscription for my company and through this, i have the website they gave me ( i have the website up and all but i was amazed at how simplistic the website design tool was for it. it doesn’t let me do any thing i want (ie. set a background picture and move around images) and i was wondering, could i use iWeb to make a website and then put it on that website? this is because i really need a nice cool sleek site for my company as it is a software company so i need to give a good impression to any potential customers, and websites that office live lets you make, look as if they have been done by an 5 year old using “My First Website.” i have never used iweb to put a design on the web but i have used it before.

    btw that website was made in about ten minutes so i am not as bad as that shows

    so to quickly re-ask simply, could i use iWeb (or any program for mac or vista) to put up something on that website (

    the main thing i want to know is wether iWeb would work as that is the application i am most experienced with, but as you have said, would i be able to use adobe dreamweaver + frontpage for that website?
    as an answer to what bill goldberg said about being able to use iWeb, could anyone say how i would put it on that site using iWeb?

  6. How do I design a website with a domain bought from another company?
    I bought my domain name through citysearch, but their website design tools suck! Is there a free service like yahoo domains or google pages that will allow me to edit/design my domain that through them?

  7. wel i don’t know what office live is, but the way it works is:
    you make a website (by typing of website software)an upload it to the host.

    All the programs like iweb and dreamweaver and others produce the same code (html and css), thats not a problem.

  8. There are many, many pieces of design software on the market today. From professional versoins costing thousands of dollars to free versions. So I think the best thing to do is give you a couple of links and chech out the free software from google.

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