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Logo Design An Essential Part In Website Designing

Today the world has become more competitive and it is applicable for all the fields. One needs to give the best to achieve success in every business. That is very true for designing also. That is the reason that developers give extra attention to each and every segment of website while designing a website.

Website is associated with the identity of the company and logo helps the website to play that role. Always a special attention is needed to give on logo designing. Logo becomes the symbolic name of the company. So many times it happens that people forget the name but they remember the logo. That is the effect of symbol on human mind. It even helps to remember the company name.

Everyday many new brands and companies jump into a marketplace and they try to make their space. Brand building and brand loyalty helps in that effort. When people see good logo and better website they started thinking as the company gives better services than its competitors. All this things suggests that more care is required while designing a logo for the company.

Good quality work with professional touch is all required. One should go for the professional designers for the work rather than going for the hobby designers. Professional designers have serious approach towards work and it is easy to get their work details and the past work samples.

Logo designers always do prior market research based on the product type, product market and target audience. The effective logo is that which can directly penetrate deep in the minds of the target audience on the first sight only. It must be incorporated with good graphics and the sensible usage of colors. Different segments like automobiles, electronics, toys, medical services require the different type of logo.

In one way logo is a graphical presentation of company. So the logo is precious for the company and its image. That way companies need to secure that logo from piracy and theft. So many times rival companys use the same logo and they rip the benefit and hard work done by others. Sometimes few companies misuse a logo also so logo must be registered. It helps against the piracy and if anyone can do that then the parent company can take legal action also.

A logo can be anything like a word or a picture or a tagline but it must be in the manner that it can represent the company or the product. A logo presents the overall image of the company and in that way extra care is given to the logo designing in the process of website designing.

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10 thoughts on “Website Designing”

  1. How do I go about designing a small business website for free?
    I have a small cake decorating business and I’m interested in expanding my business by designing a small website – mainly to showcase my work, provide basic information (prices, flavours, contact details etc) and perhaps even an online interest/order form. Can anyone suggest online website design solutions that are quick, easy and free?

  2. What is the best website designing software?
    I’m designing a website that will be hosting a lot of videos and also quite a few twitter feeds what would be the best software to use would it be dreamweaver? also i want the website to look reasonably nice, so would i design the background in the same software?

  3. website designing?
    what is website designing , how is it done , what are the criteria for becoming a website designer?

  4. Website Designing??
    I need to no how to change a website.

    It’s my dad’s company but he wants me to change the layout and design of it because he doesn’t like it. He didn’t amke it but some other guy did. I need to kno how to change it.

    The website is

  5. That’s a pretty broad question. You need to familiarize yourself with the world of web design. It’ll take a little time. If you’re just starting out, you might consider visiting or and do a search for HTML Editor. There’s several–some free–that are pretty easy to get your feet wet with.

    If you’re beyond this, you’ll need to snatch a copy of the files/website–if you don’t already. You can do that through your HTML Editor (or ftp browser).

  6. Website designing?
    1. How do I RE-CREATE the same webpage inorder to make a website with multiple webpages? which program is best to use if you have minimal html designing know-how
    2. How come some FREE website templates are difficult to customize once you download it, and it is also difficult to recreate or copy the same webpage. These free website templates only give out index.html but once you try to copy the same to make other webpages like contact, profile, portfolio it is difficult and the page seem hard to edit or customize.

  7. Hi,

    1. I am thinking you mean you have a template or page you made which is called index.html and now you want to duplicate it for say about.html.

    If this is the case just open index.html and save as about.html and change the content and you’re done….

    2. Templates are usually made in graphic software like in Photoshop or in Fireworks.

    They design the whole page as an image and then do what they call “cut up”. Cut up means they select only a piece or slice of the graphic, export it as a .gif or jpg graphic and make it then like the header or logo of the website. Which they place then in a table.

    That’s why you will see on many templates that something that looks like one photo is now made up of about 4+ graphics.

    Personally don’t use templates. Make your own unique website, but go ahead and use like graphics or nice stuff like buttons off from the templates.

    I am assuming your are making an website you want to get search engines.

    However if you are just going to give the URL out to people then hey, do what you like.

    But if you are going to put the site on search engines and stuff rather focus on site layout and giving your users an easy access, navigations and simple to use website.

    People don’t care how your website looks, they just want the stuff they are searching for and they want it now without having to navigate forever to get somewhere on the page.

  8. Well it is a cross between writing code, a working knowledge of photo editing programs, web theory, Search Engine Optimization, Back end scripting, and creativity.

    The term is pretty broad, but I would think to be a designer you would need working knowledge of many coding langs HTML, PHP, CSS, XHTML and more.

    You will need a good handle on Photoshop as it is really the industry standard tool for image editing. If you want to add some interactivity to your page Flash is a good animation program. DHTML is handy to know for animated menus and more. Javascript also comes in handy.

    This is a hard one to answer as a developer is different form a designer depending on who you ask. Some people use the term Web Architect, though I think that is a much larger title. No matter where you go people have a difference of opinion about what it is that makes a person a designer.

    All I can say about that is be well rounded. Expose yourself to as many different languages as you can. Look at good design and bad design for that matter to see what works and what doesn’t. And don’t be afraid to learn….because if that stops than so does your career as a web designer.

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