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Marketing, technology and business are all changing at an incredible pace. Marketing and sales methods used in previous years are rapidly decreasing in effectiveness and reach. Print media is one dimensional and unable to reach multiple target audiences simultaneously in a cost effective way. Television advertising is hit and miss with either luck or extremely expensive test marketing the only real way of getting results. Internet marketing has also changed. The internet is not only for the big national and international companies with big marketing budgets using pay-per-click, banner ads and expensive off net marketing campaigns. Search engines and web services are now concentrating more on local businesses and attempt to return the most relevant search results for user requested searches. Your website design is one of the main ways of insuring your website is found and returned by search engines. Website design is much more than the way your website looks and the user experience it provides. Good content, clear call to action methods and user experience always enhance a sites conversion rate and the technology, structure, content and many other details make the difference between whether you or your competitor show up on the first few pages of search engine results. Your businesses attitude toward how valuable your website is will affect how you determine how much time, effort and expense you will spend on designing or re-designing your website. If your business feels that you will not attract customers from your website and that the website is there just as a reference from your business card then you are leaving a lot of money on the table from lost opportunities. Most customers today research products and services using search engines before deciding on making purchases. Most website designers still use the oldest and fastest design methods to develop websites and there is no way of telling this by how the website looks in your favorite web browser. Your website re-design should be done using tableless CSS/XHTML design methods. It takes a more time to design and test a website using CSS/XHTML and the advantages of using this method of website design leads to improved results from search engines. Again your attitudes toward your website will drive the results you get from search engines. It is more likely you will spend a lot of money on a website with a fantastic message and great presentation and nobody will ever find it. It also possible to do all of those things and make sure that your website is optimized so that your beautiful new website is found by search engines and you get the business results you are looking for. So whats the problem with so many people spending so much money on a website and still not getting resultsc First like most people you probably dont know the right questions to ask in order to get the best of both worlds a great looking website that customers are able to find and respond to. It is no doubt a tricky situation and difficult to learn about.

About the Author:
Bob Schlechty is the founder and CEO of Advantis Marketing & Technology. He has over 20 years of marketing and technology experience. Advantis Marketing & Technology provides online and traditional marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Advantis MT’s website design strategy combines the best practices of both marketing and technology to improve search engine results. Advantis MT also provides hosted email, sharepoint and virtualization technologies for reducing busineses I.T. costs.


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  1. What’s a good site that gives you free professional website designs?
    What’s a good site that gives you free professional website designs?

  2. What are some examples of bad website designs for photographers?
    I am a uni student and have to give research for good and bad website designs within my theme.
    My theme is photographers and so far i can only find one example of a photographers website that is terrible.

  3. I am trying to design a website for my boss. What are some good designs?
    I’m looking for various websites to find what I like about their designs. I work for a financial advisor at the moment and I’m hoping some of you have some good ideas of professional website designs.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Website designs..?
    I have dreamweaver for webpage editing and i was wondering where i could get free layouts. I’m working on a lyric website and when i get enough money, i am going to buy a domain, but i need a layout and stuff for it.

  5. I viewed several different sites I found by looking up some top wealth management firms. Here is one that caught my eye…it may be just suited to my taste, but looks great to me (and is simple, yet informative). With our B/D they say we must use their approved vendors for a site, but we could reach out to our OSJ to request to use a different design.

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