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Tips To Consider Before You Hire A Website Developer

With so many options for web developers, how do you know which to choosec When you’ve decided it’s time to build a new website to showcase and advertise your product or service, you will probably consider hiring a website developer or firm so you can be assured of a high-quality, functioning, and professional website. Because your website is your online extension of your business it’s a very unique representation of your business, its message, and its products or services. So, it’s important that the website developer you choose be experienced and professional.

What are some of the key things you’ll want to think about before you talk with a website developerc Sydney web developers will ask questions like the following and these are the questions you want any website developer to ask:

A)What is the site’s goal and primary purposec
B)Who is the site’s target audiencec
C)What is your time frame for going live with the sitec

In addition, what are some of the items you’ll want to have in hand before you talk with a website developer, whether it’s an individual or a firmc You’ll want to have a website plan that answers these questions as these will guide your web developer:

1)What is the reason you are building a site, and how the site is intended to support your business: by bringing in money, by gathering new leads, or by supporting the products and services (or all three)c
2)If possible, list some of the competitor sites and what features you like and/or hate about each this will serve as a discussion point between you and the web developer.
3)You’ll want to ensure that your company owns the rights to all the design work when it’s completed. You’ll also want to specify that your company owns the rights to the domain name and has administrative rights to the server after the website developer team is finished.
4)You’ll want to specify your time frame and budget, as well.

Before you consider choosing any web developer firm or individual you’ll want to see their portfolio. It’s less of a concern whether any of the sites in the portfolio are live or outside the firewall, because designers sometimes design sites to showcase their work or are asked to design websites that are internal to a particular company. It’s most important to see how the site they have built works. Is the layout easy to navigatec Do the links work and are they logically understoodc

What is their process and do they show you their progress as it developsc This is an important question because you’ll want to provide feedback as the site develops. Almost never does a client see what they wanted the first time and website developers are used to that they build into the process feedback loops if they’re smart so they can hear feedback from the client. If they don’t have a process that allows for incorporating feedback, reconsider. You’ll likely get a website that does exactly what you wanted it to, but you’ll want to make changes after seeing it. That’s just human nature.

As we noted above, many people think only about getting a reliable and working website, but they don’t think about such legal details as ownership. It’s important that if things go wrong, you have the rights to the web development as far as it’s gotten so you can get someone else to finish the job. Without this protection, the web developer can leave your business in the lurch with no recourse and money already spent.

About the Author:
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  1. Looking for a recommendation for a great but inexpensive software and website developer in Toronto?
    Looking for a recommendation for a great but inexpensive software and website developer in Toronto.?
    I am starting a new online business and I need a great, honest, reliable and skilled software and website developer. Because it is a start-up with a limited budget, the services have to be reasonably priced. Preferably Toronto or GTA.

  2. What education background required for Website Developer?
    Hi I want to be a website developer and what is the desireable way to get training to become a website developer (the best). College? If so, what degree should I obtain? BS IN CS, BA in CS, MIS, CIS, IT, or etc? If so, would I need to double major in art or minor?


    Should I just get an online training or certificate or go to a community college or some other route?

    Thank you, serious answers please.

  3. Where can i find a website developer for a partnership?
    Im looking for a websote developer for a new advertising website im working on, where the best place to look fot a partner who knows php mySQL and javascript well? Thanks in advance

  4. It really depends on what you want to do. These days, websites are not just about code, but visual presentation, information, data, and compatibility.

    If you wish to be a web developer/coder, then a degree in computer science will likely suit you best.

    If you wish to be someone who creates the graphic layout, the font style, the visual feel of the site, then maybe a degree in visual arts and graphics might be best.

    If you want to run the company that makes websites, then a CIS degree is better because it offers some computer classes and business classes.

    If you really want to know what you need to learn, try and find an internship at a company that does what you want to do. If you can’t find that near you, look for a company that does what you want and ask if they will consider creating an intern position for you.

    I do web development and I’ve taken things from my math classes, art classes, business classes, and psychology classes to do my job. Over time, you create this mental toolbox you can draw upon to help you solve your customers problems.

    It depends really on your abilities. I work with programmers who can’t draw a straight line and others who can paint a masterpiece but have a hard time doing OO programming. But most importantly, it appears you know that learning takes time and effort.

    Good luck to you.

    PS. I’d stay away from certification until you finish school or get a job that requires them. In this market(US), only the people selling the training are making any money on certificates.

  5. How do I give access to my website developer without giving access to allo my yahoo services?
    I have a whole lots of domain names with yahoo and it is packed in one email address. I have one website that I am developing through a website developer. I have to give him access inside my yahoo server and I don’t want to expose all my data’s to him. How can I create another account for him top access the server with compromising my privacy?

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  7. Website Developer!!!!!!!?
    Hello, I have a website and i need someone to setup a mailer.php for me. I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I will pay if someone can figure this out for me and get it working.

    I Pay using paypal.

    My email is:

    Thanks, Alfred
    I can’t get it to work i need some ones help please?!?

  8. create a new FTP account in FTP section (if any, depends on your hosting plan). You can also link folder to this account. In that case only that folder will be visible to the user.

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