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2 Amazingly Simple Website Ideas That Make Money Online For Real.

If you are looking for amazingly simple website ideas that make money online then you have landed on a right article, because I am about to show you website ideas that make money online which will make your wallet bigger and wider.
Before I am going to show and describe those ideas to you let me tell you a bit about internet world. Do you know that every day millions of people are searching for something to buy online, to read, to watch, to listen to. That means that you can and you must use online world to make your life better in financial way and not only. Cause with a few clicks on few buttons you can show to those people what you have prepared for them today. Hence you can make lots of money by spreading information online. And here are those ideas that make money online that will show you how to spread your information and products online fast, amazingly simple and easy.
The idea number one is to create article directory and put banners on it and google adsense. Do you know that directory getting about one 700,000 visits per day. And that means that they are getting lots of money. You might want to ask me: “but how as they have got only articles inside their website and no products for salec” Well the answer in here is that they are having google ads and once someone clicks on them they get paid for that and also they are selling advertizing spaces on their website. So you may start your own article directory related to popular niche and start making lots of money. Besides google love article directories because they are updated on a daily basis, hence google rank them well and if someone will be looking online for something google will first show to youre your article directory with information they are looking for. So this was one of the amazingly simple website ideas that make money onine.
Idea number two is creating a blog related to popular niche and something that is always on demand. So if you want to use this idea here is what you should do. You should create blog using free services like or These platforms are very easy and simple to use. Then you should put on your blog adsense from google and some banners of products that have affiliate programs. Next add to your blog at least hundred articles related to niche you have pickted up and start updating your blog on a daily basis. Promote your blog using social bookmarking services and social websites like,,,, etc. Thats it. Once people will see that you are providing information to them they need they will be interested in visiting your blog from day to day. And that means more and more money for you.
I know that idea number one and number two might seem similar to you but that is not how it is. Because article directory require more time and effort from you but once you will create one the results you will be getting will amaze you. While second idea doesnt require so much work fromyou, hence you will not see so much money from doing it as you would see with idea number one, in this case its making money with article directories.
Thats it for today. Now you have got two amazingly simple website ideas that make money online you can put to use and start making big money. All the best.

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  1. website ideas?
    hi im making a website im almost 13 and need some ideas. i love sports, im blonde, live in texas, love animals, everything a normal blonde 13 year old texas girl would like/be interested in. any ideas for the website? also any good FREE website makers? i WAS using WebClickGo, but i already used all of the 5 free pages it gave me. so what other free website builders are there? thx in advance!!

  2. Website ideas…?
    Graduating in a couple months and am worried about being bored when I’m not at work. I want to start up a website (a blog) about news or something, but I’m not sure I know what about. What would people be interesting in? I like to be original and creative, but for this… I’m kind of lost. Ideas???

    hi i want to make a website (probably with iweb) but, i dont know what to put on it. I want it to be a really fun site (not just games) but something that a lot of people will like (mostly teens) any ideas?? Thanks!!

  4. WEBSITE Ideas!!!?
    I am very bored this week, and I want to make a website. Can you give me ideas on what i could do? What could my site be all about. I want it to make a difference!

  5. Make a website about random things. Or an online journal of sorts with photos included. Or a website dedicated to things you like. I dunno. Out of ideas.

  6. People are interested in things that bug them. If something bothers them, they will talk about it all night long.

  7. Website Ideas?
    I am really looking for some good and seriouse website ideas. Not porn!! Things you thing would be a big hit.

  8. make a movie review sight…maybe a advice sight…I have tons of ideas but not time to work on them here try one of these.
    -HTML help sight
    -Sight like myspace
    -Chat room sight….safe one
    -A hotel reviews web
    -A animal advice web sight
    –I really hope this helped–

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