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How Can a Website Impact Your Business!

How can a website impact your businessc In most cases a website is one of the first interactions a prospect will have with your business. Nowadays, prospects ask for your website address, more than they ask for your business cards. If you’re not online, you’re not in business period.

The real question is, whether any website would doc And I strongly believe in some cases not having a website is better than having a bad one. Whyc

A great website has the capacity to impact how your target market and prospects perceive your business. A great website design has the abilityto:
Establish CredibilityBuild TrustEngage VisitorsGenerate LeadsSupport Your CustomersHelp You Close More SalesIncrease Your Business Revenue and Bottom Line
However, very often, especially amongst small business owners, a website is thrown together with little thought or strategy on how it can impact your lead generation, customer acquisition and sales. Building a website with a clear goal and strategy in mind will help you achieve your goals. Most websites have the following goals in mind:
Establish a Web Presence if your only goal is to establish an online presence, most likely it’s because your target market expects you to have one, a great website will help you to solidify your business, build trust and give the prospect the confidence to take the next step with you. Failure to establish a credible web presence could result in the loss of the lead and sales all together.
Provide Information If you sell a product or provide a service where there are a lot of frequently asked questions or demonstrations needs, using your website as a tool, will be an excellent choice, it will help you to serve your prospects and customers and free up your time. Even in some cases you can qualify serious prospects and get them closer to a sale.
Market Your Business Online There is no other form of marketing out there that will put you in front of the people searching for your services at a time when they need it in real time. An entrepreneur could literally launch a business today and start getting new customers online tomorrow. That’s the power of internet marketing. But in order to capitalize on this phenomenon, your website has to built, with the right strategy in place to take advantage of the opportunities. If you’re not showing up online, you’re losing business, period.
Generate LeadsA website has a tremendous capacity to help you generate leads for your business, whether you are doing online or offline advertising. Using your website, with free giveaways and tempting offers, you can increase your lead generation and build a prospect list. How many people will buy at the first interaction with your ad. The key is to get them in your marketing funnel, by first generating a lead, and then following up to close the sale. A website is the perfect tool to help you accomplish this goal. Furthermore, you can automate your entire marketing with the help of your website.
Generate Sales Whether you have a brick and mortar store or an online business, whether you sell a product or a service. Your website has the capacity to boost your sales and bottom line, by operating for your business 24/7 while you sleep.

About the author: Nicole McCullum is the founder of Captivate Designs, a New York Web Design Company servicing clients throughout the U.S., Canada and UK. Captivate Designs offers Free Website Evaluation clients’ professional web design that projects a professional image, establish credibility, and convert more visitors into leads and customers. For more information please contact her at or for more helpful tips visit her blog at


10 thoughts on “Website Redesign”

  1. How much to charge website redesign?
    i got my first job as web designer – i have to redesign a website ( but i have no idea how much to charge for it!

    I’ll have to conduct simple CSS changes in order to “re skin” that site, nothing drastic.

  2. How much should I charge for a website redesign (see details)?
    So I was offered a temporary job to redesign a website for a college crew team. The client is asking for the following details:

    -Reorganizing content
    -Adding visual appeal
    -Online Merchandise Store
    -Members login capability

    I am wondering how much I should charge overall to implement all of these? Any feedback or links to advice is greatly appreciated!

  3. Where can a find a volunteer to redesign my website?
    I haven’t yet filed for a 501c3 but am looking for a volunteer to redesign my website. Its a housing database for homeless and/or low-income individuals and families.


  4. What is your reason for a website redesign?
    I’ve been reading this article from Gerry Mcgovern with a heading ‘Web redesign is bad strategy’.

    My reasons for a website redesign is to respond from customer feedback about the site, reviews from usability experts, company rebranding and make the site visually appealing.

    Another would be to make a site SEO friendly. Search Engine Optimisation is more than just ‘keywords’ and ‘descriptions’ but contents. Search engines cant read Flash pages and images needs ‘alt’ tags.

    What is your reason for a website redesign?

  5. Help with questionnaire for a website redesign?
    Please help, i am constructing a questionnaire to help with a brief for a website redesign. I will ask respondents to go to the website and then fill in the questionnaire. Does anyone have any generic questions i could use as a starting point. Thanks!!

  6. How about:

    What information would you like to read on this website?

    What resources would you like to find here?

  7. Hi Christopher, I think it’s wonderful that you have a charitable attitude and heart. Have you tried the Volunteer Web Design page?
    Sometimes they charge a modest fee. There is also the “Altrue” site, which is similar:

    Have you also tried contacting local businesses in your area (the yellow pages are great for this) and just asking them for pro-bono work? A lot of the time they can get a tax write-off for their business for this, so it never hurts to try.

    Best wishes to you!

  8. If you are just starting out and have “raw” abilities, do it on the cheap, very cheap, most clients are very appreciative when thier needs are met and will usually show that appreciation when they pay you. I usually end up with a “tip” of 25 – 50% of what I initially ask. When you have a good portfolio and some references, you won’t be asking this question.

    ps, if you find yourself stuck, IM me and I am often available to help out a “newbie”.

  9. Well, having just re-designed a few sites, I have to disagree entirely with Gerry’s article. I assume he was paid to spout all that mis-information and really he doesnt seem to have the slightest grasp about what is good or bad for anything.

    Notice if you will that one third of his post is consumed (padded) by his simple analogy of the Jones family, which was at best weak and I struggled to find any real similarity between cats peeing in the wrong place and efficiently managing a website …..anyone else share that thought?

    His view that most websites are re-designed as they have fallen into disrepair is just wrong!
    Most websites are re-designed as the marketing departments of the company go through a re-branding exercise or a promotional strategy change and, quality of your web presence is the obvious place to make the first changes when you implement the new strategies.

    From this stems the need to stay abreast of new technologies and embrace them where they will work for your organisation. Dynamic HTML, SEO, CSS are all examples of progressive technologies and all make good reasons to re-design.

    Sure you can post “good quality content” in a plain old html page but if it doesnt look exciting then people wont read it.

    It seems that if Gerry had his way, we would all still be reading text web pages…….you just have to move with the times….again, anyone with me there?

    Hmm, turned into a bit of a rant there……hope you enjoy 🙂

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