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Since 1998. Livelink has provided affordable website solutions for all business sectors. We are one of the very few new media companies that provide enterprise class websites at fixed cost. Our websites are modular, scalable and easy to manage. All our Website solutions include a creative design, content management system, search engine optimisation, accessibility (W3C) standards and visitor traffic analytics.

We include a support and hosting package to make sure your website enjoys the highest possible uptime (100% network uptime guarantee).We have an efficient development process which includes understanding your business goals, proposing an appropriate functionality mix and delivering the solution within agreed timescales. Our process takes away the stress of building websites as we take full responsibility of managing the project. You are only required to make decisions and deliver content.
Our business is built on high client retention going back many years. We service over 80 websites from both the public and private sector. Client testimonials and references are provided to help you choose the right long term partner.

Livelink offer a professional web site design service that suit your business needs. Based in Macclesfield, we work service clients throught the UK. We work closely with you to design websites that engage your customers and your business objective. We can help you as much or as little as you like, but what we will do ensure is that your website is professional, creative and effective at helping your convert visitors into customers.

As a full service new media agency, our creative team work closely with your marketing team – so you get integrated branding throughout your marketing campaign.

We specialise in building websites that work! Which means they reflect the brand, are easy to navigate, conform to accesibility requirements and are search engine friendly.

About the author: I am Paul and I work for Livelink.Please discuss your requirement with or Telephone 01625 612000


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  1. Has anyone used Online Vehicle Solutions Ltd to buy a car and if so, what was it like?
    When browsing the autotrader website in the UK, this ‘Online Vehicle Solutions’ company keeps cropping up with good looking used cars at relatively low prices. It seems that they do not physically possess the cars to sell but can arrange them to be acquired for a deposit. It sounds a bit risky to me – how can they do quality checks on the vehicles if they don’t own them already? If anyone has any experience of using this company and/or understands where they get the cars from, I’d like to hear from you.

  2. Which estate agency software and website solution is best for managing my agency?
    I have recently started my own estate agency and I am looking for the best software and website solution in the UK. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  3. As a consultant in this area I can recommend some tried and tested solutions.

    The website & SEO side of it is taken care of by a property niche content management system
    The photography, floor plan and media side is best handled by a services company that integrates that content with the website content mangement system.
    The back office day to day handling contact relationships management (CRM), diaries, tasks, property related correspondence and details is also best managed by good estate agency software, the solution however, is to have all of this and at best value for money and one that gives the best return on investment.

    The only company I know of that can provide all this with as a total solution by integration with other companies and systems is

    Their web based system integrates with the company that pioneered digital photography and floor plans for estate agency back in 1999 called Datography Ltd – Datography also pioneered the ZoomSharp floor plan system with Webdadi. Datography can produce video marketing and professional photography and integrate with Webdadi’s sytem directly to give the most feature rich property details pages on your website of any company available without any adminstration using automatic media uploading, have stock photography of London amassed over 11 years.

    Webdadi’s solution also integrates with Intellicalc(mortgage and affordability property search in estate agency websites) plus AppTrack (a Mortagage application tracking software) by OCC Finance Technologies ( Intellicalc shows estate agents and their clients how much they can afford and what property they can afford, and AppTrack will tell you the status of your client’s mortgage applications. Webdadi can embed Intellicalc in your website which generates Mortgage leads that are automatically transmitted to Apptrack via Webdadi. AppTrack and Intellicalc can be provided to you by any FSA approved OpenWork mortgage adviser who offer you a mortgage lead commision revenue stream from leads converted by a Webdadi website with Intellicalc in it.

    Webdadi ‘power’/host estate agents worldwide, they do residential, commercial and international estate agency websites with their software which can do multi-lingual language translation as well.

    Webdadi’s software is the only estate agency software on the market to day that technically does back office and front office estate agency via CRM, CMS, SEO, Digital Signage, Multi-lingual, integration with Intellicalc & AppTrack & other third party software. operate in the South of England, and use freelancers and firms in other parts of the UK including Edinburgh. use the complete solution in Scotaland for example.

    Glentree Estates use Webdadi’s Digital Signage solution. have powered some of the biggest players in the market like They merged Chesterton and Humberts together, and they host many independant estate agencies from commercial players like hattonrealestate, richardsusskind to or who have used Webdadi and Datography together for the last 10 years and are doubling in size this year as a top performing chain of estate agents.

    Webdadi’s system allows your staff to have their property appointments and contacts on their iPhones, and they also have a property website system that is mobile optimised. It is the only complete digital publishing system for estate agency on the market today.

    Hope that helps. If you find anyone else who can do all this then tweet me, but I am certain no one else can today. Other estate agent software providers in this space like Vebra, DezREZ etc are only some of this solution, not all of it. Most providers cannot integrate website CMS or property media services or with back office property and CRM estate agency.


  4. is a website promoted by Extra Edge Solutions Ltd. The CCL license number is 0644604?
    is this loan company a scam

  5. What are the best eCommerce solutions in the UK?
    I’d like to launch an eCommerce activity in the UK.
    There are so many eCommerce solutions website that it’s hard to choose which ones are the best.

    Would anyone know any good, reliable, complete and professional solutions who have been on the market for quite some years and are respected and known for deliering quality ecommerce websiteS?

  6. I have few names in my mind which can easily provide you reliable ecommerce solutions or you can also google yourself.

  7. There is a clothes website I really like based in the UK. I live in America. Need Solution?
    Right now they only ship to the UK. I am curious if I could establish a P.O. Box out there and then have them ship it from that address to my house here. How can I go about getting these clothes? Suggestions?

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