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Top 10 Websites for Design Inspiration for your free flash website

Online marketing design includes twitter pages, banner ads, website design, email newsletters as well as anything you would use online to market your services and company. Design allows you to present yourself professionally. Your chosen design will tell customers about your company as well as yourself by the way your services are presented, so it is imperative that your design showcases quality service and values.

Branding Online

The perception people have of your company is through branding. Even if you are using a web page template you will be creating a lasting impression as well as a strong brand. People will get a quality interaction from you in multiple areas if you use complimentary and matching designs when marketing your company or services.

The top 10 websites for inspiration

These websites share graphic design tips as well as keeping up with design trends, which is vital in the field of web design. One can browse the web designs of others, but this is time consuming, and by browsing the top 10 websites you can view the best CSS designs on the web. So let’s take a look and see what is on offer.
Design Snack
There are thousands of inspirational designs on this site. The site is user friendly and allows you to search by topic No matter what you are looking for be it food, cars, pets or corporate design snack has it.
CSS Mania
This site offers inspiration, poster printing and web design. You will be able to view the most current designs as this design collection is arranged by month. There are also valuable articles on industry, technology and a host of others.
CSS Remix
This is a website site that links you to many other CSS graphic design websites.
CSS Elite
This site offers a host of different galleries, and in addition also offers tutorials and valuable tips. You can also see what the latest and most popular trends are.
The Best Designs
If you are a designer this site allows you to register and at the same time you will automatically be listed on all the other directories. This site allows you to view other designer’s projects for inspiration. If you need recognition this is the site to be on.
CSS Flavor
This site has some of the very latest and best designs on the web and there is definitely no shortage of inspiration on his site.
CSS Loaf
This site offers its visitor’s links to over 4000 websites as well as displays 17 pages which each display around twenty different designs. If you are looking for inspiration this is the site.
Design Shack
This site offers a host of valuable information in addition to having an extensive design gallery. You will find tips, design advice and much more.
Best CSS
Here you will view the webs very best CSS designs accompanied by the best inspiration. There are thousands of different categories which are showcased as well as a themes site for viewers.
Best CSS Gallery
You can browse this gallery by topic which offers hundreds of pages and the latest designs. This site will give you the CSS inspiration you require and cover all categories from travel to beauty and much more.

If you intend to stay current on new website trends for your free flash website, then you should read the most popular blogs, forums, industry magazines, and other news outlets online that deal purely with trending in the internet business.

About the author: Yoav Rosenberg is a amateur photographer, art enthusiast and article writer. he works as freelance SEO and SEM specialist ,He is interested in expanding his knowledge on free website and is excited to contribute his own tips on the subject.


10 thoughts on “Websites Design”

  1. How to design websites for others?
    I signed up at 99 designs and some of the projects ask you to design websites for others. How do you do this? Do you create a website for them or give the a html code? Help!

  2. What web design platform or software can I use to design websites like iGoogle or My Yahoo?
    What web design platform or software can I use to design websites like iGoogle or My Yahoo i.e. websites (e.g.homepage) that can be modular in design and blocks can be moved around or replaced by the user? The user has a choice of modules to add to homepage and decides what to add or remove on their web page?

  3. 1. Collect all the information they like to show
    2. Group it under 5 to 6 major topics
    3. Roughly do the engineering work how the better presentation can be. This phase can be on a paper or a board
    4. Now you can choose a way to develop the page. There are many easy ways.
    -> a. download any html editor and use it
    -> b. use any other available free templates by edit the content for your need
    -> c. write html or any other code as your own
    5. Then you need to upload the code on any free web server space to launch
    6. If you dont wish to give the code as a part of your business, then just own the server access your self and just give the link. If the agreement is to give the code as well then you can share the server user access details

  4. Any good Websites Design Sites that Give Great Instruciton on How to Make One for Free?
    I want to design websites and I was wondering if there
    are some instructional sites out there that teach it for free.

  5. What are some good Graphic Design websites to stay on top of how things are changing?
    I’m looking for websites that talk about what’s new in Graphic Design and how things are changing/ have changed.

  6. It is a real hard thing to say being those examples are fully developed applications for the most part. To build the base yourself you would have to look into a web development language like Ruby, PHP, ASP, or etc. I would recommend PHP or Ruby for the open source community behind them. Then using a framework and MVC pattern to structure your code and make things easier. (i.e. Rails or Zend)

    Now their are a few open source platforms created already you can install, but none offer the complete solution really. If you want basic functionality and something easy to use I would look into the PHP solution of WordPress, Drupal, or CMS Made Simple. You can customize these to do what you want with less code and maybe some prebuilt plugins but they will not be as clean or nice as building your own.

    Then lastly when it comes down to designing your modules and pages you should look at just using your typical design software from Adobe or the open source programs GIMP or so forth. Just plan out what you want your application to do before you being and keep that in mind while actually designing the modules. If you lose sight of the end scope you could box yourself in with a design that does not function modularly.

    Sorry for possibly stating things that were not needed but I wanted to cover most bases in case the information was not known.

    EDIT: I forgot to add the information about the Front-End Interface. Both those sites use what is called AJAX, which is basically using JavaScript to reload and send data to code in the back end to return results to the front page so that the user never has to leave his current page, if you google this you will find many resources and there are even a couple frameworks for this like JQuery and MooTools.

  7. What is the best software to design websites and blogs?
    I am very new to web design as I have no prior experience and know little HTML.
    I just want to know what the best software is to purchase to design blogs. I have downloaded CS5 Design Premium with Dreamweaver and Photoshop, but I realize this is a little advanced for me and expensive!!!
    Does anyone have suggestions of software or ways to build blogs and websites easily and inexpensive?


  8. A website can be built from scratch with 100% free and open-source tools. There’s no need to be a pirate or pay for expensive, bloated software, and nothing beats learning to do it yourself. A good text editor and some patience is all you’ll need.

    I’ve included some links to HTML and CSS tutorials and sites below.

    One final note: don’t use w3schools. They’re not a reliable source of information. Until you can spot the good from the bad, you shouldn’t use them, and once you can, you don’t need them anyway.

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