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Why is it Important to Have a Website for My Companyc

It is fast becoming expected for any reputable business to have an internet presence. Your website can be as simple as one page “About Us” with a description of your products and services, and contact information, to a wiz bang multimedia production. Whichever type of business you have, your customers are now looking for you on the internet!

The power of a website cannot be underestimated, as world e-commerce is on the upswing. E-commerce observers predict that much of world trade will transpire online, and even local businesses, like e.g. a hardware store or cake shop, benefit from having their own website.

True enough, statistics from various sources show that the number of Internet users continues to rise steadily, and these users turn to the web regularly for the following reasons to gain information, to develop a social network, to be entertained, and to shop online.

Particularly if your company is in any of the following industries, you should most definitely establish your presence in cyberspace:

* Technology

* Entertainment

* Publishing

* Networking

* Travel-related businesses

* Book and music retailing

* Investments
* Utility companies and

* Petroleum-related businesses

While you can sell almost anything on the Internet, you stand a good chance of making a sale with the top selling items of computer hardware and software, information products like e-books and tutorials, travel services, health and fitness products, cosmetics, books and music, clothing and toys.

Admittedly, there are some things that are not being purchased online, and these are usually the big ticket items like luxury cars, high-end jewelry, and brand new high fashion items. Most of the retailers of these items, however, still maintain very impressive websites as showrooms for their premium products. Websites help to allow potential buyers to get more information about your company. A website allows a client to look at and study your products online before deciding to buy something at your nearest outlet.

You do not have to be a retail business to have a website – even companies who do not involve any retail activity have websites. If you are not in the retail trade, you may still use your website to provide comprehensive information about your company and its business. An informative website may also be the starting point for business relationships especially if contact information like an email address is published on the site.

There are other activities that your company may conduct online in connection with its business, such as:

* Market research

* Public relations

* Advertising

* Customer service

* Product information

* Product promotion

* Media relations

* Technical service

* Intracompany communications

You should consider what the average Internet user is like before designing your website and choosing what products or services to offer online. Here are some of the more common characteristics of web users:

* They are young and between the ages of 25- 44 years old.

* They are educated, affluent or well-paid.

* They prefer to spend time surfing the Net than watching TV.

* They communicate by email and by phone.

* Much of their spare time is spent browsing through websites.

So, whether your goal is to generate interest in your new company or to conduct sales of your products online, you can only benefit by having a website.

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  1. what are some good freelance websites for fashion designers?
    Does anyone know any good UK websites only for freelance fashion designers to get work in which people don’t have to bid like people per hour.

    All need to find one that doesn’t make me pay the website money.

  2. What are some good cheap designers/websites for a 12 year old girl?
    I need some help for a new wardrobe. I want some cheap designers/websites but not Abercrombie and Hollister.

  3. How and do fashion designers use keyboarding skills,& what good websites are there about fashion designers?
    i need to know if fashion designers use keyboarding skills, and if they do how do the use it? and also is there any good websites about fashion designers like there earnings and nature of the work stuff like that. its for a school project!

  4. Does anyone know any websites/designers that do a bright purple handbag?
    I don’t mind if it’s leather or not but I’d quite like a large bag. I think that the Melie Bianco bags are nice so something perhaps similar to their celeb styles?

  5. What are some good websites for graphic designers to upload their work?
    I know their some websites that lets u upload your own grahic designing work you have done. like a portfolio. Which ones are good? I’m a graphic designer and im still in the process of learning how to create a website so in the mean time i just want a portfolio. Can somebody help me!? Thank you in advance!


  6. Two places, you should probably have a portfolio in both places: — a bit more eclectic this site caters to commercial artists as well as fine artists — this is focused on design and advertising professionals, design studios are more apt to look for candidates here, the site is part of Communication Arts (CA) magazine.

    I am a designer/ad guy with 25+ years experience. I’ve hired people and found jobs using both of these sites.

  7. First, I would just google fashion design jobs to answer your question. As for the first, yes. Everyone needs keyboarding skills. They need to update their blog about all of the faux-pas fashion disasters they see on the streets. They have to send e-mails to modeling agencies to get models for their show. They need a place to house their shows, so they have to e-mail the owner of the building. And search for workers in their area to help set up the show. So yes, they need keyboarding skills.

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