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Animation is the rapid succession of a series of images in order to create an illusion of a moving picture. In other words, it is an optical impression of motion resulting from the phenomenon of persistence of vision. The moving pictures are produced through a string of consecutive images that reproduce motion by each image showing the next in a gradual progression of steps. If a series of 24 or less cartoon images run per second, it will result in a cartoon animation. Although animation is commonly demonstrated in the form of a motion picture or video program, any other forms of presenting animation also exist, including computer animation like 2D and 3D animations which encompasses a variety of techniques where the animation is created digitally on a computer.

In case of 2D animation, pictures are created and/or edited on the paper or computer screen in a two-dimensional environment such as cel animation or in computerized animation software. The two dimensional (2D) animation software gives movement and action to static images. These figures are created and edited using 2D bitmap graphics or by using 2D vector graphics including automated computerized versions of conventional animation techniques like tweening, morphing, onion skinning, blurring, cell animation, path animation and interpolated rotoscoping. Three dimensional representations of geometric data is stored in the computer to enable calculations and deliver 2D images.

2D animations such as Analog Computer Animation, Macromedia Flash, PowerPoint etc. can be produced using software tools. To give an element of motion to the object, a digital framework process called rigging is applied. The process of 2D Animation involves complete story boarding including each shot of the animation, background design, character design, cell animation, perfect voice synching and flow of the animation including the background music. Every shot in a 2D animation involves multiple single drawings of characters.

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  1. Can someone give me a list of links that lead to websites with Animal Crossing Wild World designs?
    I really want my town to be fancy, but i cant find any websites with designs. Can someone give a list of links?

  2. Any websites with “good website designs” to trigger my creativity in designing?
    I wanted to create a simple website, however I am lacking of ideas to build a nice & elegant looking website.

    Is there any websites with sample designs which you would recommend to me as a reference?
    Alternatively, if you have any nice website in mind, feel free to paste the link here?
    Any more links from anyone?? Any website you think is looking good, please share with me..thank you!

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    does anybody know any good tattoo websites that allow you to print the designs out for free….10pts best answer

  4. Do u know any websites for aquarium designs?
    I am looking for websites that will show me aqaurium designs of the inside of the tank, not how to make them. Wat i mean is like the set up of all the plants and decorations. The website should preferebly tell me how to make it or list the types of plants etc. MUST HAVE CLEAR PICTURES. The tank is for livebearers mainly

    Ps: If u can’t do this then send me a photo of your tank or fish.

  5. Does anyone know websites for eyeshadow designs?
    I love eyeshadow nd eyeliner && every color.
    I always make my eyes look like cat eyes.

    any other designs or websites you know of?

  6. Definately -they have a ton of video tutorials.
    go to She has some amazing eye shadow looks that will make your eyes pop!

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