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Find websites to buy beats!

If you’re a rapper or a singer this article will be very useful to you, because it will teach you how to find the best website to buy beats & instrumentals. Mainly because I know how hard it is nowadays to find quality websites for good music. So let’s get started!

The first step would be to first think about what you’re actually looking for. A slow R&B ballad beat…or an uptempo Pop beatc Make sure you keep it as exact as possible before starting your search, because it will save you a lot of time.

Once you know your “keywords”, go to any search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask & type it in. For example: If you’re a singer looking for uptempo pop beats, you would type in “buy uptempo pop beats”. Once you hit enter, a list with relevant websites will appear. Now you should check out at least the first 10 websites & listen to the beat previews to find the best you like.

But this is of course not the only way to find beats to purchase. There are also online directories, which have long lists about beat websites & online producers. Just go the the directory of your choice and search for “buy beats” or “beats for sale” to find good & safe websites to collaborate with.

How do you know that you can trust those websitesc Actually you can’t, but it will help you a lot if you do your research! Website who have testimonial sections on their pages are usually serious sites. You can also contact the website owner & ask a few questions before you make your purchase, just to make sure that your money is in good hands. The customer support will also give you more information about the whole business & about the company’s work in the industry & with exisiting customers.

If you can’t find the right website for your style/music feel free to contact me. I’m an experienced Music Producer & I know many websites where you can buy beats & download quality instrumentals. Use this e-mail to contact me:

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9 thoughts on “Websites To Buy”

  1. Websites to buy turtle aquarium online In Canada?
    Hello I really want a turtle and I saw a great starter kit but it’s on lll reptile and they don’t ship to Canada can you please tell me a online good website in Canada that ships starter turtle aquarium kits Thankyou

  2. Are there any good rent to own or lease with option to buy websites, that are free?
    Here’s the deal, i really want to buy a house in this economy but my credit and my husbands are horrible (we’re in the 500’s). Also i don’t want to rent anymore because i’m tired of throwing away my money. Is there a website that would give me the listings of places to go? Is there anything i should be looking for? Or be aware of?

    I’m really interested and can move in by September.

  3. Will websites buy broken phones?
    I’ve looked on envirofone and and both give a rough estimate of how much a phone’s worth in full working order.

    My phone is water damaged and no longer works. Will these websites still buy my phone to recycle?

  4. hiya, the most they give you is £5,i rang up one,and that is what they offed me,and it was in working condition.

  5. what are some online buying websites where we can assure that it is safe to buy?
    I’m wondering if there are safe online-buying websites because I think there are too many websites where they sell gadgets and I’m not sure if it is safe to buy to their website.

  6. How to make money by taking high quality Pictures? What websites buy pictures? and any other tips?
    Hey there, i just wanted to know how can i make money out of my pictures that i take?,, where should i sell them? what tips can you guys give me, and how can i contact people from the magazine and how can i find out that they are looking for photographers?

  7. Right, so in a couple of sentences you want details of things that it takes professionals years to build upto and many hours per week doing!

    Two quick tips.
    Google stock photography
    Go to your local newsagent (or library) and read the credits in the magazines and get the picture editors names and contact them.

    You are on your own now.

  8. There aren’t any sites that assure that it is safe to buy. However there are certain things you can do to protect yourself.

    Do you homework:

    Look up the seo stats of the site; backlinks, pr, alexa rank etc…
    Have the seller prove the income and traffic stats


    Work out a 50% up front and 50% upon delivery deal or use a escrow service that holds the money for the seller until he / she has transfered the product to the buyer. try:

  9. There really aren’t any good rent-to-own websites which is probably why you haven’t gotten any answers yet. You can try these, sometimes in certain areas you may have some luck:

    I’m not registered at this one so I’m not sure if it’s good or not but you could register for free and give it a try:

    Otherwise, you’ll just want to look in the purchase options on regular realtor sites or for sale by owner sites. Many for sale by owner houses have the option of rent-to-own so I’d try those first. Maybe try running a Google search in your specific area for rent-to-own, sometimes there’s a more local website that will help. And don’t forget to try craigslist! Search your local craigslist for rent-to-own.

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